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Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas 2014 - Friends, family, summer in Perth.

Well, here I am in sunny Mandurah, one hour south of Perth, a day out from Christmas. It's hot but not as hot as Queensland, my former stomping ground (16 degrees at nights, mid-upper 20's during days, no humidity, no rain), and I'm about to stop work on the house to enjoy the break like everyone else in Mandurah, Australia and the world. Before revealing my plans this holiday and wishing you the best for the holidays, here's some recent pics:

The pool, its pump, fence and bullnosed course pavers are done, finally! We've been in the pool already and are loving it!

This is the mock-up of the new kitchen with objects in place. The ladders represent the fridge, the stack of boxes and the range at the end of them represent the centre bench and cooking area. The brown shelf and old stove in the background stand in place of another bench top and two ovens. The purpose is two-fold. One is to work out how to light the room (so I can start feeding electric lines through the battens and rafters) and the other is to get a feel for space.
Levi doesn't care for space, except the bit at the end of the bed... which is not always at the end of the bed!
We went up to Perth yesterday to see Margo's grandchildren and take them to a carol's night. There was facepainting, free hotdogs and the Salvation Army Band were there to provide entertainment.
This guy. I met him at karaoke about two months ago, struck up a conversation... good guy, gonna miss him. Laurie is headed for the Land of the Long White Cloud forever. He's a musician, singer, and poetic philosopher. I'm sad he's going but happy for the adventure that lies before his specially modified van, busking across Australia and singing for his supper while roaming this vast country. Happy trails all the way to NZ good buddy.
Neil Kidd, Linda Moore and myself at the last performance of 'At the Going Down of The Sun.' Merry Christmas guys.

While I'm wishing those three the best let me wish you and yours the same this holiday season. Be safe. Take care of each other. Live long and prosper! Lol! -Mx