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Friday, 19 December 2014

Seeding a thriller plot with molten chocolate.

Tasting chocolate
In 2005 an idea came to me after viewing Wolf Creek (an Australian thriller movie). What happens to killers who don't get caught, ever?
For those of you who don't know this flick: A trio of friends take a driving, camping holiday across the vast, unpopulated plains of the Australian Outback in an old, unreliable car. They break down near Wolf Creek, miles from anywhere and a seemingly obliging yet scruffy-looking man assists them by towing them back to his camp where he can service it... but he tows them for hours and hours, somewhere further away, into the dark, bleak emptiness - to his lair.
Cut to a scene where the twenty-somethings wake from a drug induced stupor: Man tortures each one independently, perfectly pervertedly.
The end leaves us with a squeamish gut, knowing what this sadistic psychopath has done to innocent travellers. Although wounded from a couple of unsuccessful beatings, this outback butcher does his victims over and then disappears into the nothingness. A good-guy-bettering-the-bad-guy cliche is broken apart as the credits begin roll.
So what happened to him? What happened to this murdering piece of human refuse? And what was that unsettling sensation I felt that grew with each credit that scrolled by? Was I disturbed by the simple intensity and gore of the plot or the sense of unresolved justice? Either way I liked the uneasy feeling. Exploring this notion of trying to undertand it was sickly tantalizing. It was as if I'd never had chocolate and someone just gave me the tiniest piece to try, enough to entice my curiosity but not enough to answer every new question rising from within.
SEETHINGS is my exploration of making chocolate from just a sensation.
How many unsolved murders are there each year?
And who are these murderers? If justice doesn't see to them, where do they go? Do they just blend in and go free to live their lives without answering to anyone? More importantly, can I too make a reader feel as uncomfortable as I when Wolf Creek's credits began to roll by making my own style of chocolate?
SEETHINGS is my chocolate.
SEETHINGS novel by Michael Forman
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