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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Back to work.

What a grotty floor Michael! See? This is the kind of mess I deal with on a daily basis now that Christmas is over - bits of drywall, timber, dust, tools, and buckets of goop. The mess seems to follow me. I can't see why! Lol.

The holidays are over so the work continues on our home. It's the rooms I've been long dreading all along, the kitchen and the bathroom, the plumbed regions. At the moment I'm safe from doing the pipes bit because the walls and ceilings have my attention. 

A week or two before Christmas we removed walls, built new ones and sent the old ceiling on a way trip to land fill. Dirty, manky wiring hung down, dust and leaves covered the floor. There was an interruption in the middle of it - the pool. I won't repeat what's already been written on this blog but I can say that the old wiring dangled longer than it should've.

Margo wants a central bench in the kitchen. So do I. I also want to be able to control the lights, fan and general power from there too! After running new lines out to the nine zones covered by power in the kitchen and sheeting the ceiling with drywall, it was time to drop those lines from the centre of the ceiling.

Pretty aint it?

Okay, it's not art but to me it says progress.

Another interruption... sinks!
Ikea had a sale and, on the way to the other side of Perth, we made some stops at a few of our favourite demolition places for sliding doors, windows and sinks.

Interruption x2... this guy.
I mentioned in my last post that we had Alex stay with us... he is half a twin... other half wanted a turn doing the same...

He (Clay) came and he/we had a blast. We went riding, swimming and then he asked, 'Michael, can we make a sword?'

From scraps of wood we created this piece of medieval art. It has gems on the hilt, stencilling on the blade and he spent a day and a half working on it! He absolutely loves it and I surprised myself at being a pseudo-parent in between times. 

Now that the boy has been returned to his parents it's time to get back onto the house. I can't stay here chatting to you all day.

See you!