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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

No news is this news.

Not much to tell. Just some progression pics on the house.
Ripped the back of the house off so the extension could be fitted by the pros. They found a problem with the material delivered so they said they'd come back when the right stuff arrived. They left with two bits stucks to the frame and the weather forecaster said a storm was coming our way and so...
I hate having to re-install a wall even it's made of poly-whatchamacallit!
Nevertheless, the inside progresses... 
The final third of the house is almost ready for a floor and plumbing. We've wired, ceiling-ed, wall-ed, flushed, almost lit, fan mounting-ed and painted it. Furniture is ready. New doors and windows are ordered.
That sucks!
...and thank God it does. I got this piece of junk with the drywall sander as a freebie. It's turned out to be invaluable item since we started this project. Our regular vacuum cleaner hates the drywall dust and chokes easily. This little fella is so uncomplicated he gobbles up everything and doesn't care. Leaves, bits of concrete, screws, dust end up in his belly and all we do is pump it when it's full. The other one has multiple filters, asthma and allergy reducers, and a special disposable bag that can't be emptied by any human being. F*ck that! We empty between 5 and 15 kilos of crap a day. I don't need a prissy vacuum with a princess attitude. I don't wanna keep buying it shoes to socialize, I want it to walk with confidence to work hard. This aint an event or an experience!

A party for a 6yo had me wearing this. I've worked with snakes before but not regular enough to 'know' them well. I always wanted to do a course or something on them. The Dayboro lifestyle had me in contact with snakes regularly. Sticks and shovels always kept me a safe distance from them. I handled my first in NT. Margo laughed as the tour operator placed it around my neck.
Times have changed. I now reach for them and admire their ability to adapt to being 'handled' so quickly.

That's it for now. -Mx