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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Photographer's Death Makes Headlines.

Maxine Sewell's death-by-hanging story, by her own camera strap during a storm, attracted some interesting numbers last week. 

I keep scratching my head and wondering why so many folks cared? She had no friends. She wasn't liked all that much. Could it be that many wanted to revel in the gory details of how a photographer wound up accidentally killing herself taking pictures? 

Sure. Why not? We're all just a little bit sick in the head, pervertedly attracted to the train wreck and a rising body count.

Humour aside, the story tracked extremely well. Dressed as a real news item, over 700 people followed the story to http://wp.me/p2KLp8-eAf on the day it was posted to Facebook. It was completely unexpected... and the traffic continues to trickle through even today.

So why this piece and not all the others that came before it?

The others were book promo's, short pieces that told people I had a book to sell. In short, no one cares about buying books, not like they care about reading drama and watching train wrecks!

I've also noticed the growing numbers of posts on the Internet  that try to sell something by using a lead-line that contains that goes something like: 'She thought it was a simple... then couldn't believe what happened next', or, '5 simple ways to improve such and such.'

While I think these leading titles work very well, they aren't as impressionable as they once were. The formula is well-used and therefore predictable now. My title didn't follow these patterns. It looked like a news piece and, I guess, ppl like news with a touch of gore.

So what now?

SEETHINGS has several 'other' instances in it which can be converted to news items. Expect a few more broadcasts to go the same way later this month and year...