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Friday, 27 March 2015

Plumbing Humming... along.

For those follwing via FB and Instagram it won't be news to tell you my kitchen is now  finished... almost. Almost? Yes, the stonemason has one last task of making the bench top and fitting it to the cabinets I installed this week. He took a template of the area yesterday and the stone will be cut in ten days time. ATM a bit of plywood is acting as a top. 
I plumbed the water in and the waste out, hooked up the fridge's icemaker and the new dishwasher. This now gives us a fully functioning kitchen and by GOD WE'RE USING IT TO DEATH!
What a great thing PEX pipe is! It makes plumbing sooooo easy... and our reno able to be done in stages while living in the home. 
Without the PEX and all its push-fittings I'd have to call a plumber. The rooms with plumbing would have to be finished first, ready for him to work them all over at once. We'd have to have the water shut off for a few days while he fed copper pipe into the walls and welded all the new bits together. And we'd never have much of a chance to test-drive our decisions on tap positions... and make changes. The PEX way allows us to alter things easily if it turns out a day later we made the wrong choice. It gave me the opportunity to have two half kitchens, a bathroom and toilet working while disconnecting part of the house. At no time were we without water during the process. 
Now the bathroom. 
Once again this will be done in stages. Already I've closed off the lines to the sink and pulled out the old vanity. The old kitchen (what's left of it) now acts as one. A slab will go down next week and work will start on framing up the new walls. There's a new toilet to go in, an open shower, two vanities, a bath, windows.... blah and more blah to do.
So that's it for now, I've an other post to work on. See you soon! -Mx