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Michael Forman
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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Bathroom progress.

Just a few pics of the new bathroom work...

It's coming along. First was to concrete the new area for the floor extension, break through the old wall of the house and remove the old kitchen. Once the floor was set, it was time to start framing up the new space. Margo has called for a special-wide sill under the window. The new bath will go right under it and we just know that it'll need to accommodate a coffee cup, a wine glass or a book or three. (see wine glass test in above pic)
We've been fortunate to be able to take apart almost everything but continue operating the shower in a minimal fashion. It's literally crumbling apart. Only 30 year old glue and one post is keeping it from falling down! I hope it'll hold together long enough to get us to the next stage: Plumbing and laying the out the new shower. Once it's ready, that old piece of glass and pile of ceramic tiles will take 30 secs to level.