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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Tourist Trouble!

In brief:

  • Interstate Visitors.
  • Bathroom Begins.
  • Advertising Inclusions.

Dennis Forman from Queensland
My uncle from Queensland came over for a brief visit. He and Lucia had a whistle-stop visit of Perth, Mandurah to see the sights and catch up for his birthday. Dennis is always great value and the Forman sense of humour is highly active when one joins forces with another. I took him to see the Thrombolites (living fossils) and snapped this wonderful family photo of them. He's the one in the front! (Ha Ha Dennis!)

Simon Hambleton from Northern Territory standing with mum
Charlie and Simon
Margo was over the moon to get a call from Simon to say he was dropping in (from Humptydoo) for a week from Easter! Jane, Simon's cousin brought her newborn down from Perth for Simon to meet. What great day (and night) for everyone. I'm still recovering from the chocolate and all the wine!
4 honks before I knew.
We dropped Simon off at the airport and headed off to IKEA. I knew he had written something on the rear window after we dropped his bags off and did the hug and kiss thing... but couldn't work out what it was. Four honks between there and IKEA... thank you very much Simon.

Breaking ground for the bathroom.
With the kitchen in the final throws it was time to track the plumbing lines back to the room in the house that hasn't had any work done to it at all, the bathroom. It's probably the most complicated room of all as it contains everything... plumbing, electrical, wall, ceiling and a floor that doubles as a drain. It's a wet-area so I need to keep my wits about me with this one. I don't want water settling anywhere at any length of time.

Hot water!
Our old three-phase hot water system was replaced with this gaseous beauty. The old one was inefficient and expensive to run so we decided to sort that problem out while dealing with the new hob in the kitchen.

Pepper Tree Sludge
The neighbour's Japanese Pepper Trees are blooming, that means our pool filter is filling with the tiny corns. They break down and turn to an olive-green sludge. Nice eh?

Those damn Japanese Pepper trees!

On the blanket, under it, in the filter!
The bees are part of the problem. As they visit the new flowers they knock off the older ones with their developing seeds attached. At the height of activity it feels as though it's raining when standing under the trees! (Ok, I won't blame the bees!)

On a more serious note....

You'll have noticed a bit of a difference on the book site at mfp.com.au/angelwanderer with regards to ad inclusions.

We've teamed up with Google Adsense to provide advertisers a little space on our site (including this site) to generate a side income to the book. We've seen a substantial amount of traffic lately and felt it was time for the site to start paying for itself. So please support our advertisers by clicking on their ads when you see them. (We get paid for that)

The other major change was adding a shopping cart to our site. This has been a challenge too. Setting up new code and putting it in the right places has had me working overtime. I'm not a programmer so it takes much longer than it should to do these things, using far more brain cells than I have available to do it. Nevertheless, you can now order signed copies of SEETHINGS (paperback) through our site! (The ebook is available through Kindle online publishing here)  
Well, that's it for this time around- Mx

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