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Monday, 1 June 2015

Let it drain on me!

Just another bathroom update... 

The old shower (what's left of it) is ready to come down. My guess is it went in around '83... and isn't that 80's decor just exquisite?
Just four loose posts hold the old shower up now. An entire house been altered around it so we could keep showering 'til the last minute. We can't lean on anything without having the walls flex! Just a nail or two is all that's keeping it there.
One hammer and the old shower will be toast! Don't worry, I'm pleased to report that it has been buried and wept over. 
Gone! It took 5 mins to remove the three weakened sides but 3hrs to chip away the old concrete. Judging by the damp square under it, it has been leaking for some time. In the background you can see a green area; our new shower. It wont stay green, that"s a rubber membrane coating the surfaces of the wet area. Its plumbed in and ready to take over (even in this temporary state) while we go about doing the rest of the work around it, like the floor and walls. To the right is the new toilet room. Vanities will go in the space where the old shower was standing. Power for hairdryer, toothbrush and razor will go into (not on) them.
 Second toilet room waiting for John to arrive. LOL! 
(Before the green membrane went on) The brief for the shower pan was simple: A main drain and a channel drain at the traffic end of the shower pan. Slope the floor to suit. Glass will go to the left. Talk about complicated! Well, it's in just the same..

 In those boxes are this bathroom's future. This should get interesting!

It's not all work. Sometimes we get out from under our housey rock and take a look around our fair ol' Mandurah. It's not a bad looking place wouldn't you agree?

-Michael.(Author of SEETHINGS)  
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