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Michael Forman
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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

A second novel begins.

It'd been on the cards for a while - a second novel to follow SEETHINGS. I opened the file I'd been scratching around with and decided to make a run at it.

It wasn't an easy decision. Once a writer starts a journey like this it can be several years in the making. Keeping to a plan over that time frame can be hard.

What's that plan?

I can't say too much about where it's going but I can say that I had material left over from SEETHINGS' first draft and always intended to reuse it when the time came to write a new novel. To be honest, the novel had a completely different ending. The original one had so much good material in it that I couldn't leave it go to waste. The plots developed in the final chapters HAD to be seen.

The title?

I'm not going there. It's too early to say. Do you know how many times 'SEETHINGS' changed? I had a post-it note stuck my computer back in '05 that said once said 'Storm Front.' I knew this wasn't it's ending title but I needed a mission statement so I could keep to a goal. It was a link between two storms, a real one and a metaphorical one. When it came to fruition and I needed to work on its cover, that's when I tossed the post-it away and started playing around with real titles. I had the time to research titles, what worked and what didn't. Did you know that titles beginning with the letter 'S' statistically do better?

Anyhow, that's where things are at. Just wanted to let you know.

“Mike’s writing has you in the room from the outset. You are meeting characters left right and centre and then bang –‘it’ is here. He takes you on a vengeful, aggressive journey…” -Michael M Roleystone