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Monday, 6 July 2015

Popping Corks in A Brand New Bathroom!

Yeah... umm, not quite. Just a few touch-ups to go after some last minute additions and adjustments. We decided not to run the power from the ceiling through a post, choosing to take it through an outside wall and two vanities via a hidden space between connecting screens instead. The post was removed and the cross beam reinforced to make up the difference. The area is cleaner for it.

There were some issues with the waste piping under the bath and some extra tiling was done as a result. Margo wanted a ceiling light moved. Part of the roof had to come off so I could access the electrical lines I had laid months ago.

This one room has needed all my skills and attention. No other in our home was like this. It has extended me and I am spent. Here are the hats worn during this part of the journey.

Concretor - ★
Plasterer - ★
Plumber - ★
Electrician - ★
Tiler - ★
Painter - ★
Carpenter - ★
Glazier - ★

I'm happy to say that the new toilet, shower, bath, sinks (x2) all work and do what they're supposed to. The corks were popped after we took the outdoor shower down and had our first shower on lovely floor tiles out of the winter wind. They popped again when we could brush our teeth in the same room.

Margo has been dressing the place with various coloured towels and plants to see how it looks in between times. Today I finished the glass screen and by god it's looking fine! I can't wait to post photos.

Book sales are slow but steady. Traffic to the main site grows. There are now over 230 new individuals arriving daily. The bounce rate has dropped from 89% to 61%, time-on-site has increased from a minute to 4.5. These are all good improvements for this 6 month cycle, meaning the changes to the site are working.

For regulars, you would have noticed we stripped out some 300 or so excerpt blog posts out of the site prior to launching the novel in November. They had been sitting around for more than 18 months attracting search engines to the site. Now we are taking in readers from those previous posts as well as new ones from the new stuff. 

Anyway, enough for now. See you next post with bathroom pics. Enjoy reading SEETHINGS! -Mx
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