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Michael Forman
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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Birthday Celebrations

Had a lovely night out -  at a little place called the Silk Thai. It has been a while since I've had Thai food. I was looking forward to the night, slurping in all those soupy, spicy aromatic flavours that are not quite Indian, too blown-out to be Chinese. Reading through the first two pages of the restaurant's menu was kind of like browsing a warning label. Oh it was very well written. It romanced the reader with visions of market stalls and wild regions of Thailand but it was all a ruse, a way to prepare the diner for intense spice and excuse the chef for unapologetically serving true Thai food. There was to be no alterations to the menu, no negotiations on flavour. It was a take no prisoners approach to fine dining!
Google had a cake for me all day long.
Pandang Curry was listed as 'MILD'. Like I said, it's been a while and I'd never been to this restaurant before. I wanted to take it slowly.

Jesus Flippin' Christ, talk about FIRE in THE HOLE!

They warned me! They put it in writing! They said HOT Australian equalled very MILD Thai! They even had two scales against every meal. One for the local pussies, another for expats. I should've looked for something that didn't have a scale against it at all, like the steamed rice!

But I survived... and it WAS delicious. The Sauvignon Blanc cut the meal nicely as did the ice cream from a nearby Baskin Robbins. Margo suggested a cocktail. Needless to say we were tipsy at the end and missed eating birthday cake at home.
This video was made the next morning amongst the debris of the floor renovations going on. -Michael

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