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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Renovations Continue

This week, it's the living room floor. It's due for its makeover! It's the last major piece of this renovation puzzle.

Let's go over this one time. The rooms done to date are:
Bedroom - Ceiling, walls and floor.
Living room - Ceiling and walls.
Kitchen - Ceiling, walls, floor and plumbing.
Pantry - Ceiling, walls and floor.
Bathroom - Ceiling, walls, floor and plumbing.

There's a floor missing. The living room!

When we moved in, everything went into the living room. As we moved through the home and worked on various parts of it, the living room became the central storage area for everything that didn't yet have a home. It was also the the access point for all building materials coming in from the driveway. So we left that floor and its tatty old carpet until last.

As each room was completed, some of that gear disappeared. Some of the carpet got damaged with the traffic that passed over it. Paint, plaster, dust and all kinds of things that would've scratched a good floor had we sorted that out earlier. It's now time to rip out the carpet and lay down some new stuff and finish it. Marine plywood.

We've used it before. The kitchen floor was laid in marine ply almost six months ago. It has worked perfectly (and is great underfoot) and the plan was to lay living room with the same.

A couple of slices with a saw and we've a nice set of new floorboards...

... and a decent pile of sawdust for the compost heap.

Now we have to sand and paint them. Margo! Where are you Margo?

I'll have more pics as the work progresses.

-Michael Forman (Author)
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