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Monday, 21 September 2015

Instagramming for behind-the-scenes content.

A pic of my drink. I wish I were selling beer!

The soft sell in online promoting is just as important as the more direct one. I've found that new followers come in all shapes and sizes and some aren't engaged with upfront promotion!

I guess the problem is everyone online has something to sell and others just become desensitised to all the buy-this-buy-that bombardments. The ads cross all genres of book writing, all creative disciplines and all businesses (large and small) so we tend skip over those ads and head for the more appealing things that attract us personally.

Enter Instagram.

Instagram is a low sell, high interest form of social media. I use Instagram to post snippets of things going on in my life. It has been fun incorporating it into the home site but even more fun coming up with things to put on Instagram. Sometimes it's what I'm doing at that moment. Sometimes it's something silly. I found a tiny Luke Skywalker doll in the garden and then photographed him in different poses saying amusing things in the captions. It was an absolute hoot for me to shoot them... and hilarious for those following the image sequences when they were posted!

Lately, I've been pulling shots from my trip across Australia. Colourful shots seem to attract more interest... and there are plenty of people paying attention to images on Instagram!
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Taking a little code and popping it into http://www.mfp.com.au/angelwanderer/instagram/ allows a feed of those Instagram pics to appear there too. I believe having them around softens the site a little. Pics of 'normality' balances things. Now it's set up it takes no time to post to. I see something on my travels, photograph it, say something quirky about it and then share it on Instagram. The 'share' appears on the site a few minutes later and visitors see a peek of an author's life behind the pen.

-Michael Forman (Author of SEETHINGS)
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