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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Lovin' Usin' 'Publicize'

Behind the scenes of novel writing and self-publishing includes frequently posting content to the social mediasphere and waiting to see what happens.

There's a lot of social media ground to cover and that means, potentially, a lot of work to get content out to all corners of it. There's a bit of cutting and pasting, re-typing and clicking, waiting for sites to load. Not so when using publicize. The content made in W/Press is then reposted to those social media outlets you nominate in publicize. This takes out any extra handling and happens automatically.

I've already spoken about it in detail here and included some of the pitfalls I've encountered using it as it's possible to inadvertently create a social loop where a post keeps re-posting itself! 

Some authors may ask the question that comes ahead of all of this: Why post content anyway?

The fact is: New content attracts new visitors. Without it, the world has to 'stumble' over your site by accident and that's a slow, go-nowhere process to work under these days. Ten or fifteen years ago it may have worked but you're no longer likely to be the only author online with a book to sell today. There's now a mountain of authors (as well as mountains of everything and everyone else) to compete with. It's not easy to attract visitors by simply having a smart looking site and a clever cover. The only way to get traffic flowing to your site is to go out and fish so you can reel them in.

*Note* Content has a seriously short shelf life.

Sadly, for all the trouble you go to, most content posted to social media will last no more than a few hours. If you haven't seen a significant change in the traffic flow within a few minutes of posting something from you site, generally the post has missed it's chance and waiting longer to see what will happen won't alter it.

Factors that can stop traffic coming your way:
The content posted was irrelevant to readers.
The post went out at the wrong time.
No link provided in the post for readers to follow.

Links HAVE to be provided in all outgoing posts. What's the point of allowing your content to go out to social media but not providing a link back to it's source? It kinda makes it all redundant!

Timing is important. The people of the world live in different time zones. Some are at work, some are sleeping, some are commuting, some are on holidays, others live where you live. Do some homework and find out which countries respond to social media and at what times they experience the most activity. That's when you need to drop your hook!

Relevancy is a hard one, at least it is for me. I know what relevance all my posts have for me but I'm never sure what in it will trigger the interest of a reader. What I think is obvious isn't always so for anyone else. I'll post something obscure and suddenly everyone is on top of it. All I can say is experiment and pay attention in the moments that follow a posting. Like I said, watching and waiting longer won't change the outcome. It works or it doesn't and the results are pretty immediate (most times).

-Michael Forman (Author of SEETHINGS)
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