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Thursday, 26 November 2015

6 Metre Homemade Storage Shed for $23

That's right, we've just finished building a 6.0 x 2.5 x 2.1mtr lean-to shed and only spent money equal to the cost of a box of screws!

Let's turn the clock back a bit to see how we got this fabulous deal. 

We've always wanted an open storage shed. We had two in Dayboro and found them awfully handy for those things we that don't need to be locked up. We had a shed for firewood and fencing wire, the other had gardening stuff in it like buckets and hoses. 

When we arrived in Mandurah there was nothing but a small, olive green single car tin garage tucked away in a corner of the property. It wasn't used for cars. The driveway never went that way. Previous owners left a few fishing rods, chairs and a kid's boogie board behind so I doubt anyone put anything more than that in there. It might've once been a camp-out for when the house was being built... who knows why it was put there.

So we bring our first load of stuff over and we don't need the old garage right away. It stays unused and unloved in the weed infested backyard. It's not until the shipping container arrives with all our stuff do we need to make use of it. I buy 30 sheets of plywood and start cutting it up, fitting the old shed with cantilever shelves. But there's not enough room in the shed for everything, so the I use the rest of the plywood to make temp-walls around the verandas. For three months, most of our stuff was outside our home or in the shed. We ordered a two and a half car garage and waited for it to be erected and the concrete floor to cure. Once it was ready, those plywood walls came down, soon becoming shelves inside the new shed and workshop, the stuff started to disappear into the void. The two car garage we had built 18mths ago can't house a small car because there is so much stuff in it.

Margo has A LOT of stuff. Some of it we will never use. I know it, she kind of knows it too but can't bring herself to toss some stuff out. So we store it anyway. The rest is a juggling act.

The little garage is going to become a sewing room. That means all the junk, er, stuff in there and needs another home to go to -  another shed.

We've become good friends with our neighbours. One of them has a lot of old Jarrah hardwood lying around. She says to us: 'Sure, take what you like.' There were posts, battens, rafters... and heaps more to chose from.
The area before, littered with building scraps.
We already had roofing iron left over from the work done for the new shed. The guys stuffed up some of the work and had to redo it. They left the first sheets behind and I kept them. There was EXACTLY the right amount roofing in that pile of sheet to roof my open-shed. I couldn't believe it! The guys who did our patio messed up too and replaced several of the sheets they scratched. I kept them too and they became the walls. They were EXACTLY the right length. This does NOT happen ever!

So I built the shed whilst Margo emptied out the old one. I pulled the shelves apart in it and reinstalled them in in the new second-hand one. We found places for some of the stuff and, after looking at what we pulled out, we made some reassessments.

Did we solve our storage problems? Well, yes and no.

Yes, we have a better system. We have good access to that previously disorganised, unfindable stuff. 

No, we didn't gain enough space to fit cars into our expensive, new garage. The volume of the new area is just not enough because it's not much more than the old shed. As I said, it's a juggling act.
So the juggle will be complete when the old shed is outfitted and the sewing room is done. The sewing gear will go across into it and it's just possible we may be able to fit our smaller car into the big shed!

The new old-shed would've cost us nothing if I didn't have to buy some screws to finish it!
Now it's back to writing...


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