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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Floating beds, nice poo, another novel written just for you!

This past week or two see a shift from talking about chickens to writing about beds and pump houses, gardens and manure, a new novel to follow SEETHINGS.

First things first: We brought a bed over from Qld when we moved. It sits in the garage now taking up space. It`s all erected and made up like a normal bed, it`s just not used like one. It's there in case we have someone stay over and need a separate bed. Well we've had people over and they actually like to sleep in the house. We have half a garage taken up with a bed that does nothing.

Enter scene: Lots of rope, a few pulleys and two people with gloves. The bed starts to rise until it goes all the way to the roof. Yes, we floated it!

In true Margo style, the under-area soon became a utility space for sewing. I hadn't even finished tying the final knots in place when a table and a sewing machine was dragged underneath it. 'This is where I'm going to make my next quilt,' she proclaims.

I don't know about that Margo. There are some plans in the wind to convert our second garage to a sewing room. This garage is supposed to be for our two cars! (As you can see, there are none in the picture and there has never been one to find... that's because we couldn't fit a motorized scooter in there, let alone two cars... and the building's been up for two years!). We know we can fit the smaller car under the bed if the sewing stuff is moved elsewhere.


Margo's gardening knowledge and skills are absolutely phenomenal. This week saw her pull a whole bunch of older plants out and a new layer of manure and compost laid over the exposed soil. Our place smells like a farmyard now! I hope the neighbours don't mind the stink! She's installed new reticulation to save on some of the hand watering she currently does and the rewards of her efforts are just mind-boggling. Those results can be seen from time to time on my Instagram feed on the RHS of this blog. It just amazing what she gets to grow in this useless, sandy soil!

Making Our Own Compost!

With a lot of the primary reno work now completed in the house, my time turns back to writing. In recent months I've been been having a think about whether I'd like to put together a sequel to SEETHINGS or start over fresh with an entirely new narrative and set of characters. There was a lot of unfinished business with SEETHINGS and my heart was always to move in that direction. But there was also a part of me that didn't want to go there because it was difficult to write and write well. I'm still not sure whether I hit the mark or not with it but people who have read it seem to know the deal. So I have that to guide me.

Unlike SEETHINGS which lays a lot of the foundation work and becomes quite introspective at times, this story covers a lot of ground and the characters carry far more of the responsibility in letting the reader know what's going on. The characters act out their parts and the reader chooses how those parts are to be interpreted based on their perspective. For new readers, the story will be able to be read without picking up or knowing the first novel at all. Inquisitive readers though will probably want to track the origin of this psychopathic-monster and see if they can figure out how everything came to be by taking in a copy of SEETHINGS and setting the record straight.

Much of it is set in and around Moreton Bay, the action being split between the sea and the land. A body is discovered floating off Moreton Island and then we're into it. As I said, it moves pretty quickly. The title will be kept under wraps until its release which I hope will be next year some time. I still have work to do around the home and sleep in between times!

Until next time! - Mx
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