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Michael Forman
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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Sugar Coated Peanuts!

Margo asks: 'What would you like for Christmas this year?'
Michael: 'What about Lemon Meringue Pie and Sugar Coated Peanuts?'
Margo: 'Easy. Done!'

I'm easy to please. L/M pie is my favourite pie and mother always had sugar peanuts around at Christmas time. I thought it'd be nice to revisit the past with some of those.

Mother always bought hers from a shop. I didn't know that they were so easy to make. All it takes is sugar and water (50% of each), a bit of colouring and... peanuts!

The idea is to get the sugar dissolved into some water so the two become one liquid. Eventually the water boils away and returns the sugar to it's crystallised state, attaching itself to the nuts.

Margo: 'Grab your camera. I think you'll want to video this. It all happens fast. Quick!'
Michael quickly runs for camera: 'How long? What will happen?'

Ten minutes later....

Michael: 'Are you sure something's gonna happen? I've stopped videoing.'
Margo: 'Don't stop. It's about to happen!'


That's how it's done. Happy New Year! -M