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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Albany - A Postcard From The Edge

Rather than go into a lengthy recollection of our recent trip to the southern end of Australia, how about you take advantage of a brief video of it? It's not long, 2 or 3 mins

The thing is, Albany has a pretty and exceptionally large harbour, several actually. White sands and blue water makes it an idyllic tourist destination. Its port's major claim to fame was the launch of many troop ships in World War I. It was the gateway that sent thousands of men to Europe. Many never returned.

It's not such a busy harbour today. The WA wheatbelt region does send grain down to the port. There's a few commercial fishing boats thrown into the deal but, for the size of  it, it's a bit sleepy... and so is the harbour's town. I loved it. It reminded me of Strahan Tasmania... only on a larger scale!

Road trips are great. Stopping along the way allowed us to see more of the worlds between places. It's about a four hour direct trip between Mandurah and Albany but Margo and I stopped to look at towns, take photos and drink tea. Here's a couple of extra snaps.