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Friday, 27 May 2016

New Show Being Rehearsed

'BACKSTAGE' is my new project.

It's a great little show, a farce about what goes on behind the scenes of a stage show. It's set right behind another stage with a show that is [supposedly] being performed on the other side of our set's rear wall. The lead actor dies just before the curtain opens and the antics to keep the show running without the producer, the audience and a major theatre critic knowing about it is absolutely hilarious.

It's my first show for some time. It's also the smallest role I've ever done. There's not singing, no dancing. That's okay, there's writing to be done to get this next novel out on time. Lengthy roles would alter that.

Here's a shot of some the other cast members going through their paces:

This is where the plan is being cooked up to get their show to go on without their draw card actor 'Burton Cavendish' at the helm by having his understudy look like him. 

There are no photos of me available yet. I'm the only one with the time to take photos like these. There's supposed to be a photographer taking bio shots and such but that's not happening right now. These are the only existing pics at this moment.

I got my role because someone dropped out and left Laughing Horse Productions in the lurch. A friend from karaoke and theatre said that these people needed someone to cover a 'Mr Oberclaw'. They were four weeks into rehearsals and two roles needed to be filled. I got the producer role and a tiny 13yr old boy took on the 'Goon' role. They offered me the role but I turned it down due to my own commitments. When the young fellow came in to meet the cast for the first time, they giggled and snickered. They were unsure about the boy doing 'Goon' because he looks nothing like a one... but it's a farce, right? You can do ANYTHING!

Now they've seen the absurdity and humour in having him be the guy who pushes people around and threatens their lives, that's all changed. They've even encouraged a few more ideas to accentuate this absurdity to get more laughs out of his size. Here's our director showing him how to shake down our stage manager. It's a brief video.

I said it was brief.

So that's it for now. On hang on, here's a current poster of it without dates and places printed on it. I've put a link to the details under the pic. It's on mid-July 2016 @ Kwinana, Western Australia.