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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Next Novel is on The Way.

There it is, book two!

Well, not really, not yet. Currently, bits of the next novel's manuscript are strewn across my desk. (as well as charging leads and recording equip.)

The edits take up much of my waking hours now. I loathe this part of writing. I wish it would go much faster so I can move on and publish it.

It's a sequel. SEETHINGS set the mood right? Well, this one charges forth and opens up more scenery and special events surrounding our characters. Our protagonist covers a lot of ground (water actually) and we see more damage being done in the most tranquil of settings.

We've got dolphins, turtles and magical sunsets. There is also sex... boy, there is lots of sex!
No, no, not turtle sex dummy! The two are completely unrelated!
SEETHINGS lays a dark foundation stone. The mood in it is bleak throughout. This new book is brighter and lighter. It has an air atmosphere of quiet acceptance and inevitability surrounding it. Murder is no longer seen as reaching 'sanctuary' or a sexual high. It now becomes a sweet treat, a lolly between the meals of romantic humdrum and domestic routine. It's eaten and enjoyed with a smile but digested without a care or an afterthought.

If you've been lurking about my site (receiving RSS updates or subscriber emails) and keeping up with things, you'll have noticed that all its tags are now pointing at the genre of  Neo-Noir. Sometimes I've used 'Noir' or 'Neo-Noirotica' in place of it but they all state pretty much the same kind of thing. The books have dark narratives.

Noir means black. Neo means now. This makes my work the new black. (if only you could see me giggling at that line right now)

Okay, let me get back my arse back onto the seat. A set of press releases are being written to promote this book's release. I didn't do that for book one. I went totally underground and promoted it online through the black channels. (No, not the dark-web) I'm still doing that today.

It worked but I also had newspaper editors calling me up wanting details so they could print something about SEETHINGS in their publications. I still get quarterly requests from Lee Oliver and The Westerner to provide them with information about the book. (This was/is my local paper.) With my theatre and photography work growing over the years, he and I had become familiar with each other. When my book was due to be published, the requests to print something for The Pine Rivers people came forth.
The truth was, I was apprehensive about sticking my head out on book one. The book is brutal (did I say dark or Noir already?) and it scares EVEN me. I had few comfortable ways of taking this book to my friends without offending them. I was afraid of how it'd affect the relationships dear to me. I wanted to wait for the second book to arrive and see how it shaped up before bringing it to the surface.

But then I planned to move across several states. The first book actually came to me via registered post just as we were packing up and leaving Dayboro. I didn't open the box it came in until we reached Perth. I knew what it was when it arrived, Margo congratulated me on it, we both cried for a minute or two... but there wasn't time to open the package. We had to get out of the old home before the beginning of the following week and we had many more to things to pack - much more than we first realised!

I'm in Western Australia now and I've been here for over two years. Time, distance and a new book changes things. I'm ready to go out there with two novels under my arm. I think it looks better, a certain sense of credibility by having two. It means that there's a good amount of serious dedication behind the work. Having a set of linked books suggests an ongoing success - if one story worked then writing a second one about it must be good too! 

I like that.

What is its title? 

I can't tell you. I know what it is because I'm keeping it under wraps until the book is set for print. I also know what the cover looks like but I can't show you that either. What I can say is that because it's a sequel it has a black base cover and the font used for the title is the same. I have another beautiful body gracing the space where the breasts were on the first one. It's a different body part and there's a tiny object on it that I've also hand-coloured. (Not a crucifix)

The droplet and splash from SEETHINGS are removed, to be replaced by a yacht and its mast.

Hang around here for the next month or two and I'll post a pic ahead of it's release.

-Michael Forman Author.