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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Reposting Old Content

There's no law against it to repost old blogging material, is there?

That's too bad you feel that way. I expected sympathy! Hah, besides, it's not entirely old when the wording is revamped and the images that support that content are changed, is it? It's practically new content by that time anyhow!

Lately, I've spent a bit of time reading in bed (a cold turned into influenza and then almost pneumonia) and one successful blogger has written about how often she re-posts her old blog material. She does it all the time. She figures that good content is still relevant and there's no point wasting some just because the date on the original post sets it back a bit.

I agree. Much time and effort goes into making up new content. Why invent a whole wheel when part of one's already set to go?

This past week I re-posted a few of my old blog posts and gave them a facelift. The one that got the largest overhaul was the one about the Claremont Serial Killer I wrote over a year ago. 

At the time, part of mainstream television media was boasting about disclosing the name of the killer in this bizarre twenty year old crime. They gave a seven-day lead-in to bring on their big reveal (for the following Sunday night) and so I quickly went about writing a parallel piece of my own to link my noir novel SEETHINGS to in the hope it'd attract readers when it finally aired. The timing of my blog post was great. Search engines recorded hits just as the show went to air and then they trailed off in the weeks after it. The piggy-back had worked. Unfortunately, the show didn't name anyone and viewers were no  better informed than they were before watching the show. (Who says sensationalised journalism is a dying artform?)

What I've done to my old post was strip out the Claremont Killer content and work up all the rest. Now it's leaning heavily on the sleeper killer theme and takes the reader on a micro-journey of the mind while asking: Could you be a sleeper killer too?

So that's what I've been doing while being laid up in bed hacking up a lung or two. What about you? Are your lungs where they're supposed to be? :)