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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Friendly Actors Build BACKSTAGE Set - Koorliny Arts Centre - 15th July Show

There are a lovely group of people at Laughing Horse Productions.

I've had a warm welcome at Laughing Horse. BACKSTAGE has been encouraging right from the very beginning! I can't think of any other show or theatre that I've been in that has had such a high level of warmth and encouragement towards any incoming actor.

But I decided to help out anyway.  

Set construction was scheduled for this weekend. I took down a drill, some saws and other bits and pieces - oh and my daggy painting clothes to show I'm eager to smooth over things. The fellowship needs an injection of hope and positive energy. Goodwill to mankind is what it's all about, right?

Aside from that, it's also customary to keep theatre set constructions under wraps so that the paying audience has the privilege to cast their eyes upon it at their first opportunity. Depending on the type of show, some shots can escape into the ether but this isn't one of them. So, as it always is in most amatuer theatre productions, we'll pack away the cameras and scripts to turn our hands to building and painting the set we'll be performing on.

There's not much to paint as it's all set backstage to another show and, the reality is, things that are not seen to an audience aren't painted, not at all! Pine frames, plywood backing boards and french legs make up most of what is seen behind a set. As the supposed theatre has been running for some time, it's also easy to assume that certain parts of it have become storage areas for props, personal item and other things. We're going for the run-down, well-worn, messy approach to the areas found behind-the-scenes and it's not that far from reality actually!

And now we have the foundation stones in place, we've got a little under two weeks before opening night. We've got our blocking done and our lines (most of them) have been memorised. Our director's new directive now is focussed on the word FARCE. As this is one ridiculous play, our performance must move completely and wholly in this direction. 

Wish us luck turning the ordinary into our all important farce!


Here's a bit of behind-the-scenes of some of our actresses moving a table from one room to another.