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Sunday, 18 September 2016

SEETHINGS: Neo-noir or Psychological Thriller?

Dark intention. High contrast.
Any book written with dark intent

can be considered to be noir. Psychological thrillers often have black elements too. So where does the SEETHINGS meal sit in the literary buffet?

In the past, I've struggled to explain to would-be readers about how SEETHINGS would be digested. It's intriguing on the plate but a little heavy-going once swallowed.

If one is on an emotionally-lite diet, a helping of SEETHINGS would certainly leave fatty deposits on the thighs. It's thick with dark turmoil and rich introspect that's bound cause swelling and psychological bloating!

Unlike psycho-thrillers, noir commands that its narratives follow the perpetrators of crimes not the investigations arising from them. Neo-noir designates the period in which the story is set: contemporary. It is for these reasons that SEETHINGS crosses the defining line between one genre and settling disturbingly in neo-noir.

Readers have been contacting its author (me) describing my latest novel as a psychological thriller, in line with the likes of Silence of the Lambs. I'm okay with that (surprised too) but for those looking at new novels to read and want to know the true literary category my novel belongs to, neo-noir would be more accurate.

As the murders occur during sex, I'm also happy to push the envelope a little further and file it under neo-noirotica. This fine-tunes its place in literary cataloguing, possibly narrowing its potential readership base, nevertheless, seducing the psychological side of thriller in the vain of Hannibal Lector!

Other elements woven into SEETHINGS:
  • Photography
  • Lightning, Storms
  • Sex
  • Secret Affairs
  • Brisbane, Queensland
  • Sexless marriage
  • Celibacy
I've set up several Pinterest Boards which represent (most of) these elements to attract traffic and draw potential readers towards my site via content-relevant images. It's working (although I didn't believe it would happen this way), readers are pouring in and enjoying the book. (New boards were set up recently to include new content for the next two novels.)

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