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Monday, 10 October 2016

Western Australian Wildflower Time!

Western Australia is proud of its wild-flower season. 

Since living here, I've listened to people constantly talk about 'The wildflowers season' or 'Those wildflowers out there' and leave the city on day trips to visit the glory of the season. Between June and November things get colourful out there. That's what they say!

So Margo and I wanted to see it for ourselves. We planned (spontaneously) to do a short tour of closest regions we could access, those we could see in a day.

The day was halved when an unexpected visitor dropped in after breakfast!

So we chose Island Point Reserve and then Serpentine Falls to see what we could in that time. Here's some of what we saw below.

Serpentine Falls

The above video shows a trigger plant in action.
The photo below shows what it's for.
Nice, eh?