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Saturday, 5 November 2016

The power to write at length

This was going to be a insightful post about writing for adult-sized novels but technology has failed me twice during the process. Each time, the batteries in my E-devices have died. So I've resorted to writing about something just as important.

Let's talk about electricity.

Once upon a time, writers lived and died by their faithful powerpoints. Life was easy and writing was simple. All you needed was an extension cord and a dream.

And then the E-device came to us. Battery technology improved and, just like an angel, she promised us our dreams could be taken on the road. Soon, we would disconnect from the wall and write in places where walls and powerpoints didn't exist.

But she was really a devil in disguise. She lured writers away from the all-powerful electron that pulsed through the veins of their machines.

And now a battery dies and the creativity ends.

So, no, this post isn't about adopting a new writing habit. It's now about finding a new habit of charging, recharging and knowing how much electrical power you have to have by your side that can allow you to remain at your keyboard forever!

That was wordy and complicated. Sheesh!

A simple solution would be to rewind the clock a bit. Re-connect to the source of electricity and stop living a life of portable writing. It's easy to do. Just stop thinking a novel can be written on something that was meant to take phone calls and surf the 'net!

The fact is, most successful writers have one place to write in and stay there until the job is done.

Typewriter authors don't need electricity and there are plenty of people who still use one because of that.

Okay, so you refuse to believe that it can't be done. Fair enough.

A compromise would be to write shorter passages of text. Don't get engrossed otherwise the worst of all evils will happen - you'll get locked into writing something fabulous when suddenly, KABLOOIE! The black-screen of death will front up and abruptly knock you back into reality.

Okay, I did the compromise thing. I take USB powerbanks with me IF I HAVE to leave a powered-point to write. (My laptop doesn't move from it's alcove anymore.)

It's true! Unless I'm gone from home for weeks at a time, all the writing responsibility is transferred to a fully charged Galaxy Note 8, a bluetooth keyboard and 150,000 milliamp hours of back up power (3x 50,000 mA/h batts).

That translates to about a day and a half of writing before the black screen takes over and bumps against creativity.

I have a 2.1 amp twin-socketed charger in the car and an AC version of this with four outlets on it to restore the battery in the phone and the powerbanks when either electrical outlet becomes available. (It can take just as long to recharge them!)

To be honest, a day and a half is not much time to write anything, especially the kind of material destined for a novel, so I save that kind of writing for the times when I'm near my beloved powerpoint again.

The portable kit is good for creating drafts for blog posts, like the ones you can read here or on the home site. (Publishing from the 'mobile' can be fiddly because the dashboard controls on each blog site is meant to be accessed from a desktop. SEO management slows right down for this reason.)

There you go. One more bit of wisdom from Moi.

Enjoy your own writing journey -M