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Michael Forman
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Monday, 16 January 2017

Messing With Karen!

She puts up with my relentless teasing over and over!

On long drives, sometimes I listen to the radio, sometimes I put on music. Lately, to break up the monotony between points 'A' and 'B', I've taken to fooling around with Karen, my Tom Tom in-car navigator.

She's a regular passenger of mine who tells me where to go. She's a pretty darn good passenger too... a sultry voice with confidence. She knows much about the world and she's extremely patient with me, especially when I miss a turn and she has to quickly figure out another way to go back.
And so I came up with an idea, a game: Let's see Karen keep her calm as I miss turn after turn for kilometer after kilometer.

Karen doesn't get upset, ever. Nope. She turns inward for a second, recalculates a new route and then produces new suggestion with just as much professionalism and certainty.

Now, you're thinking that all this seems weird - and where's the game?

Well, Karen's not programmed to get upset or to be judgemental, criticise or respond with a sarcastic retort over anything, right?

She works only with the facts, map details and gives precise directions that I type into the machine. I could drive against against any programmed route and she'll never bitch about it.

There's the game.

No bitching. No arguments. No complaints. It doesn't matter how much I do it, she never shouts or says 'I told you so.'

It's very therapeutic. You should try my game some time. You'll love it.