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Michael Forman
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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Tragic Kite Accident

Let me set the scene:

Boxing Day. Unexpected family drop-in with boys. Gale-force winds. Beach. Kites.

Seven kites went to the beach. Four came back. Only one is salavageble and may fly again.


Ten dollar Chinese kites die badly in 30 knot winds. The flimsy skeletal structures that hold the weak membrane into place folded backwards, turning a kite into a mass of twigs and plastic flapping frantically at the end of a line on the sand. Those that made it up long enough soon upended and dived at speed towards the ground.

Not all was lost though. These were a bunch of boys we're talking about. Kites flying into a blue sky is a great thing but a kite crashing and exploding on impact had a wonderful story to tell of it's own. 

Oddly enough, the only kite (not pictured) to survive the day is over thirty years old. The skin is nylon (not plastic), the frame is thicker and, where the two of these meet, heavy stitching secures a little pocket for the tubing to go into. It was more stable in the air and didn't crash so much. When it did, the kite endured the impacts far better. All I need to do to get it flying again is to build a new tail for it.

I wish you all a Happy New Kite Flying Year. May the best of your kites survive 2017 or spectactularly dive-bomb themselves into a wild and glorious death!