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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

There's No Wine in Margaret River!

Western Australia's Favourite Wine Town Has No Wine!

The amount of times good wines have passed my way with 'Margaret River' labels on their bottles is way too many to count... and then I had an opportunity to go to Margaret River to visit this legendary town for myself!

I arrived to find that there's no wineries in Margaret River!


The closest winery is 10kms out of town! Most are beyond 20kms and they are scattered everywhere.

It's the REGION everyone refers to... not the DAMN town!

I was also surprised to find that the dreamlike meandering Margaret River in Margaret River I always imagined was more like a stagnant creek than any river. Lily's covered the water from bank to bank. (I assumed there was water under them!)

That's why I had beer in Margaret River, not wine.

The Yarra Valley in Victoria wasn't like that at all. I experienced seeing winery after winery in the valley on my original visit - right along its highways. They were clustered and very orderly. In fact, there were so many pushed together that it was hard to decide upon which ones to visit. 

But Western Australia's magical producers of wine cover too much of an area to visit in a day... or a week.

Margo and I weren't about to cover 100kms of road to find one or two good bottles of decent wine to take home with us. The trip was not all about wine anyway. It was part holiday, part road-trip discovery and part wine shopping. So we chose a route home and then dropped in on one along the way.

Cullen's Winery was our choice... and what a good one. Margo knew of the label before dropping in so that's why we gave it a go. After tasting a few, we settled on East Block. What a drop. It's woody and robust but smooth on the palate. Two bottles were boxed and tagged for a 'special occasion.'

Mmmmm.... now I can't wait to plan for one!