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Sunday, 26 February 2017

True Story!

We went to camp at Margaret River twice...

...once was a mistake

Okay, so this was the weird deal. Margo booked us into a Margaret River camping ground. She thought the date was for one weekend but it was actually for another.

All week we had talked about it.  

We prepared the gear the day before leaving.

We packed hastily.

We drove and drove. Friday afternoon soon became dark.

We'd travelled for two hours and I asked Margo for the address of the grounds. 'Where is it? We must be leaving the highway soon. I'll put it into the navigator now.'

Margo opened her phone and examined an email receipt she was sent when booking the camp site. It comes with directions to the camping gound we're staying at. 'What's the date today?' She asks.

I answer her, knowing there was a shock announcement to come.

A shout came back. 'OMG! It's not for another week!'

So I pulled over to check she wasn't reading her receipt wrong.

To make a long story short, I opted to leave the highway and head into Busselton for some food... and to decide what to do about the Margaret River camp. On the way there I noted a motor-inn and then turned the car around. 

'What are you doing?' Margo asked.

Motor-inns are saviours. Weary travellers who are tired and fed-up can shelter there. They've saved us in Rockhampton, Kalgoorlie, Walgett and now in Busselton. If the weather turns bad or we're too tired to erect a tent in the dark, a motor-inn can become a convenient back up.

'We'll stay here tonight.'

'What about Margaret River?'

'Tomorrow. I'm too tired... and hungry.' I'd worked all day and went without a break or food. 

We ordered pizza, drank margeritas and watched movies in bed until drifting off. The next morning we hung about Busselton and looked for a place to have breakfast.

Due to a music festival, it turned out we weren't unable to book-in to our camp-ground in Margaret River. 'Let's look around here today,' I said.

Yeah, Bussellton was nice enough. It's jetty is the city's drawcard. Without it, the town is another coastal town. Let's face it, coastal towns line coasts everywhere... but very few have a two kilometre jetty!

We walked the historical monument to the local maritime trading and loved each minute of it. The waters on both sides were clear and blue.

Nearby Cape Naturaliste has a lighthouse... a working one.  So many lighthouses these days are automatic. No one mans them and no one cares enough to let tourists go inside them.

Okay, Cape Naturaliste's light is automatic too but it's accessible. They'll even let you up onto the deck so you can see out of it.

It's a great view. The light itself gives ten nautical miles of warning to shallow water for sailors. It's not a long warning (and it offers nothing in foul weather) but it does its job.

I filmed the scenery only to find Margo clinging to the wall behind me.

Enjoy the film!