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Michael Forman
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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Michael Forman Author: Home Site Now SSL Secured

Security Update.

E-commerce is the way of the present and future. Site certification is now an important part of the Internet. Without SSL, a site is insecure and any transaction conducted on such a site is open to malicious people who will hack into a user's browser and steal their online identity. We've now updated our own site to incorporate the very best of site certification to protect all our readers from online fraud.

For those who know little of SSL Certificates: They ensure that all communication that happens between a browser and any site it visits is deeply encrypted to the point that it amounts to being unhackable. If the two electronic parties don't produce a relevant digital identity when meeting online, and then can decrypt the code, the two won't communicate.

As far as browsing our site goes, very little will change... except for one small thing: A green padlock now appears next to the address bar... and http:// now switches to https:// ('S' denoting a secure site)

GOOGLE now ranks its searches according to SSL. If three sites contain similar content but only one of them has SSL, that site will outrank the other two. That's how important GOOGLE thinks SSL is to it's clients!

So that's it. I'm off to write more novels.

Bye! -M