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Saturday, 6 May 2017

New Android Phone Lasts Three Days!

Sick of a Flat Battery?

The most ingenious Android phone Samsung has ever made has just landed... and it lasts way longer than the Galaxy 8!

This little baby runs on the fumes of an oily rag (boy-speak for almost nothing) and can run for 3 days before needing a charge!

For those following my blog, I've spoken about these kinds of issues before. I've had a love/hate thing with phones not going the distance. ALL phones do it - none last long enough to get through an entire day and night without requiring a recharge somewhere in between. And then there's the inevitable downtime while waiting for the battery's percentage value to increase to cover the remaining waking time.

The ideal phone needs to last between waking and sleeping - and I've found one that'll do it!

3 Days Without a Charge!

Okay, there's some adjustments that need to be made after obtaining one. Factory settings leave it in a pretty ordinary way out-of-the-box. It's designed for ordinary users with ordinary expectations - heavy users (of which I am) will need some extra juice. Let's face it, the rest of all would like extra just in case, right? Well, is three days long enough?

Shutting down and removing those horrible Google offenders (spoken of before) is the first thing I'd do. I've no time for pre-loaded apps that do nothing but take up space, processing and network data time.
The NEO's on-board memory lacks but that's not really an issue because all apps can be stored on a SD-card (yes, it has a slot). Whack in a big one and send everything to it; Applications, Music, Photos and Videos. I hear you say, "But I can't move everything! The phone won't allow me!"


Root your phone and move them! (See previous post for details)

Once the apps have moved, load an app that offers a one-press shutdown of unused apps, wifi, network, bluetooth and manages screen brightness. (You don't have to do this step as all the buttons to control each are already there but it's a convenient way to streamline the process)

Most 'KILL' or 'BATTERY SAVER' apps give you the option to leave your favourite apps running. If you'd like to keep Instragram going (for it's notifications and such), use the IGNORE facility in your app of choice to keep it going.

Obviously, the more things that are left running, the more power a phone will use.

And now, ladies and gentleman, the final key to stringing out any battery time (including my new NEO) is to manage MOBILE DATA and SCREEN BRIGHTNESS. (I know I said screen brightness already but a screen uses the most power in a phone. Keeping on top of this changes everything.)

Let's break it down into 2 parts. Let's talk about the screen first, as this is the easiest (but often overlooked) way to extend battery life.

My partner cranks her phone up to 100% when she takes it outside... but doesn't lower it after returning to the indoors. She looks at me and says, "It's almost flat again!"

"Turn your screen down."

"Oh yeah, I keep forgetting to do that."

You'd be surprised at how quickly your eyes will adapt to the lower screen brightnesses and how low you can go. After a while, it's not noticeable, not at all. I've found that 25% is good for lit rooms and 10% is great for reading in bed. 

MOBILE DATA is the second greatest leach in any phone... and it's a hard call to decide when to turn it off. Most of the time you'll want to access the Internet when walking about the place, y'know to see what the world is doing. If there's no wi-fi, apps like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest require the mobile network to send you notifications.

But in that statement lies one answer.

When wi-fi is available, shut down MOBILE DATA. There's no need for both, besides, wi-fi is way faster and power-lighter!

The other times I shut mine off is when I'm driving for a long time. I can't look at my phone while doing that. It's against the law.

The main reason why NEO keeps living when others are dying is it's size and simplicity. It was built during a time when it was clear that we'd moved from using our phones as calling-and-texting devices to surfing-and-Instagramming. It's size indicates this period in history. (You knew you were looking at an outdated phone, right? But it looks so modern doesn't it!)

At the time, we wanted smaller phones. Every month, a new phone entered the market waving a size-matters flag in our eyes. We'd come from using brick-sized units just beforehand and compactivity appealed to everyone. Some phones evolved into two-part slider units whilst Samsung NEO broke away with a single-layered device that looks like a modern but baby-sized tablet. 

Essentially, this phone marked the end of one digital DNA line and the emergence of another.

Due to it's screen's size, it uses less electricity to illuminate it. The battery-to-screen ratio is such that it the phone can run longer than it's grown up cousins, say like my Note 8.

I know that there are limitations in taking what normally would be eight inches of glass and lopping off six of them. Browsing leaves me a little squinty eyed and let's just not talk about typing on a QWERTY keyboard no bigger than a postage stamp (I couldn't write my novels on it) ... but both can work on NEO if it's needed.

And so my new job has me needing a phone that acts like a phone, not a laptop or tablet. It needs to be small and light. What it needs to do beyond this is to receive and make calls and last throughout the day. Surfing the 'net and texting is nice but it's not a requirement besides, I don't have the time to play while working. 

On occasions, a photo will be received or sent using email. Bingo! NEO can do this.

Privately, NEO will become my back-up when Note 8 isn't available. I don't always like carrying a tablet-sized phone everywhere I go anyway. Sometimes I like to explore the world with both hands free and leave NEO filling just half a pocket.