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Saturday, 5 August 2017

Save Time Inserting Your Hashtags!

Sick of inventing / writing hashtags?

So you're a fan of short-form blogging tools that attract readers and traffic to your site. Instagram is short - nothing shorter than a picture and a quirky caption, right?

Hashtags are popular because they help followers discover new content. They are also the key for bloggers - to pull new readers in by using commonly used tags on their photos (not made up ones that go absolutely nowhere). They can be a pain in the ass by being time consuming to write and insert.

Not anymore, I've found a phone app that does all the heavy lifting with just a flick of the finger! Racks of hashtags appear in less than a second!

Here's how it goes:
  1. Import the photo into the Autohash app.
  2. Let the app analyse the image.
  3. HASHTAGS appear like magic!
  4. Share with Instagram, Pinterest or any app you like, when done.

Notice how it recognized a silhouette?
What about people and activities, buildings and animals? Here are some other examples.

There are some other things of note:
  1. The Autohash App includes it's own tag.
  2. It requires Internet access while analyzing images
  3. It can also include location tags (when GPS is on.)
  4. Sometimes it gets things wrong.
  5. Spelling favors (not favours) American English.
Nine times out of ten, it works fine. With a small manual adjustment after the analyzing is over, rectifying mistakes or adding/deleting tags is easy.

Hashtag Tips:
  1. Use well-known names or already-trending hashtags only.
  2. Don't make up hashtags. ie; #imtoolazytocare or #kickedyourassmofo
  3. Share over multiple platforms at once. (There are apps that do this)
  4. Consider including similar tags in the one post like #favours & #favors ; #travelling & #traveling
  5. Consider using plurals and singulars too. ie; #dog #dogs
There ya go. 

With a few things kept in mind, tagging should be made easier by using one of my favourite apps:  Autohash.