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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Mumma's On Her Eggs!

Barry's Missus Has A New Home

After this romantic couple of willy wagtails lost their first nest to a storm, we gave them a chance to make a safe-second one in our garage.

To bring you up to speed speedily:
  • They used a tree for #1.
  • Crows and kurrawongs bothered them all day long.
  • Lost the eggs and nest to the wind and rain.
  • Barry strung bits of fur on a loop of rope in my garage.
  • Margo a branch from it.
  • The couple set up home on that branch.
The problem with wagtails is that they build nests in ridiculous places. They stick them on exposed twigs and wires right where everything attacks it. Rain melts them. Wind bends them. Predatory birds eat the brood.

Barry's home had all three happen to it... and then he looked for somewhere else to set up shop.

I've had ropes hanging from the roof of my garage ever since we suspended a bed from it. The bed went and Barry thought the loop at the bottom was a good spot to lay the foundations to a new nest. (I saw a few bits of spiderweb and string gathered there).

I mentioned he and his wife's industrious beginnings to Margo and off to work I went. When I returned, I noticed Margo had manoeuvred a ladder underneath the rope. She told me to look up - presented me with the stick you see in the video. She'd hung it and a few baskets of fluff nearby.

It worked.

Mrs and Mr Barry started weaving spiderweb onto it right away. Ten days later, the lady of the manor popped out some eggs into a cup-sized nest. Barry and Mrs Barry take turns warming the bublets.

The great thing is that they don't seem to mind us coming and going either. We can watch them go about their business (I guess we inadvertently chase off predators as we move about our property. They like that)

I don't expect them to remain so calm. Once the babies hatch, they won't be so discriminatory. The aggression they show crows will turn to us... despite their size, they can be toughies... and unrelenting.

More video to come...