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Sunday, 12 November 2017

Solar Generated Power: Cancer Causing Risk?

The closer I get to an inverter, the louder the hum becomes. My radio is overtaken by so much wild static that I can't hear the music over it. I wonder what that radiation is doing to my insides.

We worry about microwave ovens and mobile phones but solar inverters aren't of concern. They're out of sight and therefore out of mind, yet they produce a lot of radiation, much more than these other two.

Inverters regulate the power generated by solar cells so that the flow of current into the grid is constant. When a cloud passes over the sun, they adapt current and voltage so that the supply into the line is the same. They also take a DC current and turn it into AC. This regulation and inversion produces copious amounts of radiation for which is, what I believe, higher than acceptable levels.

All electrical circuits produce radio waves. There's no escaping physics.

What electronics manufacturers do to overcome the problem is incorporate other circuits. They absorb this wayward energy to keep it from straying. Microwave ovens have lots of them. Cell phones have even more. Solar inverters have so few that a simple portable radio is overcome by radiation at three metres.

A device called an EMF detector has been ordered and I expect it to arrive in the post shortly. It measures electrical radiation. I'm keen to know just how much EMF is given off by solar inverters.