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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

How To Recover Apple ID and Password: Ninny's Guide

Are you an infrequent Apple customer and find yourself at the Gates of Apple Hell, unable to gain access because you can't remember your damn password or that horrid ID?

They put you on the Circle of the Damned, don't they? 

Oh yes, it's all fun and games until that lock out occurs.

All you want to do is order something, it's nothing really, it's a song. A two dollar song is being held back because you can't remember an Apple ID and Password.

Perhaps you're not into music but need to change your details or install a new APP on a new phone but dammit, the password is incorrect, again! How can that be? You know your damn email address!

Here I am once again, wrestling with log-in and password combinations dating back a decade because I don't use Apple much.  Let's do this. I can handle it.

So you try every other password that it might've been but no, you go to the recovery section, y'know the bit where they ask for your email address, 'cause nothing else works. And then you find out that your email address is wrong because someone else is already using it.

Someone has my address? They can't have mine... oh, of course, it's me! I have my address! It's just my password stuffing things up. I'll go back and do it again.

Every password is wrong and the email is invalid. There's a lock-out. It had to come.
How can Apple possibly lock me out? Apple never recognized me. I didn't exist. It didn't acknowledge or accept a single thing I gave them to know on what door to put their lock.

A lock out? You can't do that!

Have you really locked me out Apple or you just saying that? Perhaps Apple you've locked out that mysterious other user who stole my email address... or have you flagged my IP address? Can  keep trying with another email address instead?

There are no answers... but I'll go ahead and try anyway.

Here we go again.

Insert Apple ID here. Enter Password there... no no no no! It doesn't work.

Can't remember the ID? Click here. Try another email address instead... no no no! That address is already taken too. That one as well? OFFS! 

Oh, of course, I might've taken that one too! It's probably me again.

So I figure that I've been to Hell at least once before because Apple and I have history. I bought a new device and had to do the same crap over a year ago. I stuffed around with Apple then and I might've set up another another account to circumvent the problem I was confronted with before.

Was it my GMAIL account?

Nup. Apparently not.

I had a YAHOO address back then, I think. I haven't used it in like ten years but it's there, I think.


Work account?


Partner's account? Yes, oh yes! Say it's my partner's account!

Nup! Oops, their account is locked now. I must text them and let them know the deal in case they need it today. I didn't mean it. I hope that doesn't spoil things. 

What was the damn email address I used?

Maybe I've got this all wrong. I'm probably missing something during the sign-in process.

I'll GOOGLE for clues: 'The Ninny's Guide to Recovering Apple ID's and Passwords' yes, that should do it. I can't be the only Apple customer on the Circle Of The Eternally Damned.

Nup, nuttin'.

I get a heck-load of Apple Pages: How to Log-In's using An Apple ID and Password. Nice, but I'm over Apple's explanation. That's why I'm googling for hints.

There's some guy's blog page complaining about not being able Log-In using his Apple ID and Password.

What a loser!

p.s Sorry there's no helpful info here. All I have is experience in NOT accessing my Apple Account. If you've something to add, please leave it in the comments section... or a useful link for others to follow. Other's like me have felt this pain and will need some kind guidance to get us through. ;)