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Michael Forman
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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Karaoke Pays

I mentioned a post or two ago that I've been enjoying prizes of all sorts lately. This time it's from karaoke!

Alas, it's not for singing - I wish!

But ever since trying out a new karaoke venue (The Peel Alehouse now out of favour) I've seen the light (er, the money) at Marri Park Tavern. They offer $50 cash or a dinner voucher for first and second prize, each week.

To date I've had six meals and $150 in cash just for showing up. (The Peel Alehouse only offers a shoeless Polly and a dark room.)   

Yes, this new host is professionally behaved and wears appropriate attire throughout the entire night. There's no throwing things, no swearing, no bringing personal issues to work. It's fun, fun, fun... and it pays.

Incidentally, I called Radio 6mm for another mystery song and won!

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