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Michael Forman
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Friday, 26 January 2018

Video and Audio from The Author

I hate listening to or watching myself.

But ya gotta do it, they say.

Start a video channel they say; they'll tell you to get a podcast going. 'It'll be great 'cause they can see that you're a real person, not a puppet or some kind of lunatic!' 

Everyone has helpful ideas on how to crack the literary big-time but I'm reluctant to explain to them that I already have audio and video doing the rounds of the Internet. It's not ground-breaking stuff but it's out there. The reason I don't say much about it is that the audio/video I make isn't for the people I already know. It's for strangers who've yet to make their special 'discovery' into my world.

So I did that, made some audio I mean, did some videos too and then stuck them up on Youtube. The videos were about everything, anything, nothing in particular, to attract anyone interested.

For instance: My video about sugar-coated peanuts reaches out to a special type of person.

I've got a video about sugar-coated peanuts that draws in viewers who have since become readers (go figure). There is nothing in the video's content to suggest I'm a writer, yet it attracts people. Go figure again.

Here's a small selection of what's on Youtube. (The peanuts thing is enclosed). Some of it is so pretty basic and extremely amateurish - but it's honest, truly it is!

Podcasting is undergoing a surge of interest of late (not mine, in general). Audio-only files allow listeners to continue watching other things while walking, working, driving, commuting, etc.

My first SoundCloud file was delivered to the 'net nearly two years ago. It was a bit scratchy (and I've learned much to clean it up since then) but the material has purpose and a specific direction. Unlike the Youtube content which is loose and lazy, the SoundCloud audio goes towards my written work. It's scripted and focused on a single subject: Writing.

Yes, I bang away at my books...er, book (more coming) and talk of little else.

Included in the mix are book excerpts, character dissections and, apart from the odd adlib, they're also plot examinations.

Technically and officially speaking, these SounCloud tracks are not Podcasting. It's very close but for them to wear that tag they must be heard through the iTunes catalogue. (iTunes is on it's way!)

Have a listen and look and then read a book!