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Sunday, 18 February 2018

A Teacher, A Student Lover and Counsellor.

One is in a position of power. Another is in a position of subservance and vulnerability.

The second story is very much the same.

They're supposed to remain world's apart, yet orbits like these cross constantly,  opposites that gravitate stronger the closer they become. There is power and weakness that come together at once, opportunities for one to catch and the other to be caught, to slay and be slain, to be a victim and predator and complete life's other perfect circle.

Is it wrong for a teacher to pursue a student - a counsellor to bed a patient?

Some say it's never right.

There are rules that are put in place keep these orbits apart. The vulnerable and the powerful should never be allowed to meet.

Some disagree, go the other way and take a side with nature... for the hunting process is part of us too. We're civil but there's an animal underneath that thin veneer.

And then there's those in-between who take a place in-between. They juggle existing rules to suit themselves, tweaking laws against morals and personal experiences to find an enlightened path. It's the modern way to fence-sit. 

Needless to say, our teacher and the student know the deal. Lies are told and silence fills the spaces where it needs to.

How many teachers have lied? Who are the silent counsellors?

Is it anybody's business anyway?

She's 14 and a half, marginally Catholic, shy but extremely curious. There's a whole new world ahead her. A man steps onto her pathway. He's a teacher and sees her like a new-born foal stuggling to stand. She wants to be helped and takes his hand.

Is it wrong for him to help her rise?

Is it wrong for him to switch to her friend when religious guilt stops her from rising? She's not as pretty but she's less inhibited.

Rules. We have many. There are even rules between rules.

And then there's the battered husband, brow-beaten, left without a single fragment of dignity after a decade-long sexless marriage. His counsellor reaches out, showers him with femininty and returns him some of the man-beast. She's married but compassion takes precedence. It's a small gesture... but a powerfully humane one.

With all the darkness in this world, is it possible that this counsellor and a caring teacher aren't criminals but shining beacons?

A husband will still shed his tears. A young lady will still walk a path of growth. Encountering our opposites anywhere, anytime is a part of life.


*Footnote:  The teacher married his student (the girlfriend as Bridesmaid) and the couple now have children. The counsellor continues counselling and husband divorced the emasculating wife and lives happily-everafter.