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Monday, 12 February 2018

Ever Get THAT Horrible Syncing Feeling?

Sync contacts, photos, music, bookmarks, browsing history, docs... EVERYTHING!

It's a brave new world when it comes to data sharing and cross-device synchronising. It's so convenient. How fantastic it is to protect all of your vital data by backing it up and accessing it anytime on any device from anywhere!
Connect this device to that service, sign-in using this password with that app, back-up on Wifi-only, sometimes on 4G, always on the desktop, always on broadband - it takes a little time to set stuff up but when it's done, it's so suh-wheet!
What happens when one of the many links that we set-up to keep syncing and protecting our data fails?
Dropbox failed this week.
I use Dropbox for my cloud service, that is, I USED to use Dropbox. It stopped supporting my Windows version - signed me out and told me go away! (until I make upgrades).
When one link breaks, ALL of the chain is useless.
I'm partly old-school when it comes to backing-up data. There's an extra (external) drive beside my laptop for daily backups and thumb-drives for monthly ones. Every so often, I'll clone the entire disk drive's contents just to be sure.
Dropbox was becoming my daily go-to place for docs until, well, you know. .. it kicked me out.
I do like the idea of off-site syncing though. My address book benefits greatly from it. I don't know how I'd exist without calling upon my saved contacts... and my updated bookmarks... but that's for one phone running on contemporary software. It's not like I'm handing them my soul.
It shows that off-site syncing is great but it still has pitfalls.
Cloud services work best when its mated with up-to-date e-devices, apps, computers, Operating Systems and all their associated software. Unless ALL of your e-devices are within current specs and you intend to upgrade everything as its required, it's still better to keep backups a little closer to home and manage them independently.