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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Officeworks: Click and Collect service

Before reading on, check the date of this post's delivery. Things change.

The idea of ordering something online and having it ready to collect is conveniently  modern. A smile on-arrival from the staff at the head of a priority line is what it's all about.

I usually go to this store in person -  I go inside, finmd my stuff and bring the booty to the cashier. This time, I tried the click and collect online option instead. The idea was to order ahead (from the website) and collect later to save time.

Post-it notes. That's all took to challenge the staff.

Okay, it was more: post-it notes, sticky tape and highlighter pens. The order didn't exceed $100. I ordered small amounts of regular stuff. I arrived at the store and let the cashier know my name. She fiddled with an APPLE device, mumbled something it not holding a charge and then redirected me to the back of the store after finding one that worked.

Another customer sat at back-of-store waited too. We chatted. She too thought the process would've saved time. We stared at hazy see-through plastic doors and wondered what was going on beyond it. Her wait was 15mins.

A helpful twenty-something guy appeared from the haze to deal with me. He asked for my name and reached for his APPLE device.

'Sorry, this one's flat. I normally carry a battery bank for my Android but I forgot today. John [not his real name] have you got a charged one?' He shouted to a collegue on the other side of the haze and smiled at me.

'What was your name again?'

Long story ending now: The click and collect process took longer. I got the right stuff in my order but I would've done it better to walk the store's aisles, find the same and pay for it at the cashier. Two clients out of two agreed that click and collect wasn't beneficial.