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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Podcasts and My Damn Humming Microphone!

Podcasts are on their way.

Small excerpts of my psychological thrillers as well as blog posts will be appearing as Podcasts very soon. It's taken a little time to align my host site to the audio host, an intermediary site, to the iTunes Podcast Library, but they're done now and the podcasts are coming. You can already see the word PODCAST appearing at the bottom of some posts on my site, of which listeners can now subscribe to.

Aligning the back-end of websites aside, there have been ongoing issues with my microphone: An inbuilt hum being added to every track.

*add groan about here*

It has a lovely tone for speech, the best I've heard, but there's also an infernal hum.

*rolls eyes*

At first, I took little notice of it. Two years ago my eyes were watching for more mistakes on the screen than what my ears did on the sound, and then one day suddenly I noticed it there, sitting low in the background, always. It was bloody annoying!

I had to run a filter over the older audio tracks just to get rid of it. It worked, kind of, but the filter left a residual sound behind - a watery noise made during certain vowel and syllable sets within the speech.

I tried moving the mike cable to get rid of the hum thinking that it was picking up a signal from something on my desk. I even unplugged the power to everything on or near it... there was a reduction in the hum but only slightly.

My phone was used as a replacement recording device to see if the quality was any better and, although the hum was absent from the track, a band of white noise in the upper frequencies appeared in place of it. On top of that, the overall tone of the audio was poor. Even before I used a filter to clean up the mess, the sound I got on it was like those made on my old SKYPE noise canceling headset - blech!

And then today, after rearranging my desk and relocating the microphone one foot to the left of my laptop, the hum in the mike stopped completely. It was weird. The mike is still attached to my desk, the cable has barely moved and yet there's no sign of any hum. The sound is as clear as it should be... and so I went about recording the next track right away.

If it weren't for my neighbour using his goddam leaf blower all day long, I'd have had studio-quality audio from the start. Alas, another filter was called upon to clean his howling two-stroke machine out of my track. This time a lightweight filter was used and this track sounds ten times better than any of the previous ones.

Anyhow, must go, I've things to do.

See ya!