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Michael Forman
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Saturday, 28 April 2018

Boathouse Tavern Mandurah - Karaoke

Jesus Christ!

I walked in to the Boathouse Tavern to have sing and who do I see running the show but the world's worst karaoke host!

Kicked out of everywhere else, she's slipped in underneath the radar and got herself a gig in my town Mandurah.

I bet she offered the tavern a price they should've refused!

Okay, the Boathouse Tavern isn't exactly the Hilton but surely they could've reached a little deeper to get a better host. This one's bad news and bad for business. The video link shows it's results.

On the night I went, I took a quick scan around an almost empty room. Like all the other shows she's run before, the males have cleared out leaving the chicks to take to the mike. She despises men. Something in a past life has ruined her.

And then she follows up with swearing, often part of any bad day. There's nothing like hearing F*ck shouted into the mike and amplified to 120 decibels, right?  It's all so very professional - along with the shoeless feet in a room where signs clearly state the standard of dress.

I don't know why anyone employs her.

Oh well, I wasn't that hard-up for a sing anyway. There are other karaoke shows out there.

I backed out and disappeared into the night. The barefooted host can have her perpetual hen's night gig.

I wonder how many other people arrive, see her, leave and don't come back.