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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

I Now Own A Piece of Ireland!

This came totally unexpected. I wasn't in the market. It was Margo who introduced me to the idea of owning some Ireland.

After a drink, I thought about it closely.  Ireland is a nice place. I've been there once. If an opportunity came up, I'd have a look. I did, now a block of Ireland is mine, er, ours.

Will we be moving to Ireland?



It's a peat bog. Actually, it's only a small section of one. It's one foot square.

One foot square?

That was the deal. A one foot square area.

Margo is a single malt scotch connoisseur. Her last duty free shopping spree drew a bottle of LAPHROAIG her way. It's a smokey number, expensive despite being overcooked.

A wee dram here and there has taken a year to empty it - a pamphlet was attached. We opened it thinking it was advertising material, a history of the drink, the distillery, the bottling process - but it was so much more.

On the back was an unique identifier. If we wanted to own a small portion of the peat bog the distillery uses to make the scotch, all we needed to do was enter that number into a secured website.

And now we own a bit of Irish real estate.

Oh we get a flag on our plot... and an invite from the distillers to visit it. They'll provide us with gumboots (wellies) if we do pop in. Margo thinks we should make a plan to see our land. I think it was the two wee drams of single malt wishing to make it's way home.

But I also think it's a good idea.

What a novel way to market scotch - and a reason to see Ireland.

Well done LAPHROAIG.