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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Fake Australia - Flat Earthing Breaking The Real Truth

Australia doesn't exist. It never has, never will.
When England was looking to find a place to house their criminals, they said they discovered a new land and it was perfect.
Instead of sending them there, the ships sailed west into open water and then their crews drowned the prisoners.
No one ever sailed to Australia.
That's sad.
I was born in fake-Australia. My fake-family came across a fake-ocean just couple of fake-generations ago. They weren't prisoners forced out of the country, just every day people looking for ordinary opportunities.
Fake-Paramatta was my birthplace. Our family moved from fake-New South Wales to fake-Queensland and I grew up in fake-Brisbane.
I could go on like this but I'd like to break free from the nonsense and state the obvious: Australia is real.
Flat-Earthers have been bouncing the Fake-Australia idea around for quite sometime.
(Flat-Earthers believe the world is flat)
I've seen the flat-earthing chatter but it turned real recently and I've had enough.
It's like the gun debate where it's said Australia is oppressed. Whatever!
Let's assume the planet is a flat rectangle or a square, or a parallelogram with awkward-looking sides. Why can't it have another land mass on it?
I'm happy to say I live on a flat land - it's south of Asia. I've flown away from it, to it, across and driven over it.
It exists.
Flat-Mooning, that's what flat-Earthers need to spend their time on.  There's a good chance that the moon is nothing more than a disk or a batman-styled projection from NASA here on flat-Earth.
The other planets are stickers on the ceiling explain the rest, so too the hot light we call Sun.

Cheers! -M