Michael Forman

Michael Forman
Author, Singer, Actor, Photographer. This is where I scratch out things between writing books.


Michael Forman
Age: 48
Interests: Writing, PhotographyActing, Tennis, Karaoke.

To turn my part-time photography business into a full-time profession, I began writing copy. The text supported my pictures and I  turned a dollar or two. In 1994 I sold my first story to a newspaper!

After some extra study about the craft of writing, I became the owner of a diploma; Photography with Journalism and immediately set out writing travel articles to support the shots of the places I'd visited. It took a little while to see the rewards but soon my stories were being regularly published in Australia, New Zealand and England.

SEETHINGS came to me in 2005. I put all my travel articles aside and wrote nothing else. It took nine months to get the first draft out. At the end of it I was emotionally spent. I'd never written something so intense for so long before. I took a break and then returned to it to begin the editing process. I expected to check it over once or twice, make some changes and have it ready for a publisher by the end of the year. How wrong I was!!!  

Six years later, out of sheer anger and frustration, I tossed it into the bin. Yep, I disposed of it! The pages were smothered in sloppy waste and then went to the dump with the rest of the refuse on collection day. 
It was a ceremonial execution of course (a way to jettison some of the pain of being unable to end the editing process) because a copy of the script always remained on my computer!

SEETHINGS kept entering my life because, well, it had to. It had to be right, sensible, logical and entertaining. November 2014 marked the month when SEETHINGS went live to the world. Since then copies have been sold to readers in the United States, Australia and England. It's early days but we're planning a great future for the novel in 2016.

If you'd like to read and want know how to psychologically murder someone then you're in for a treat... and that's just part of the SEETHINGS story.

Read it. You won't be disappointed. -Mx 

SEETHINGS is available in Paperback and all the various EBook formats. For more details, go to My book site and follow the associated links to obtain a copy.