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Michael Forman
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05 May, 2018

The Neo-Noir Podcast

Neo-noir podcasting has finally hit the pod-waves!

Before knocking out the neo-noir details, let me tell you a brief bit about the podcasting business.

Soundcloud, Stitched, etc, offer nothing of real value. I've looked. Sure, they have space on their servers - a place to store podcasting sound files with an easy-to-use dashboard to get them to the 'web (mobile apps too!) but if you know what you're doing, that can all be done through a self-hosted site.

I have one of those!
That's right, MY SITE can host MY PODCASTS and send them directly to iTunes and all the Podcast Aggregators just like the Sound Hosts do.

Dirty Rabbit Hole now has a mountain-top from which to shout its message - sent in several different frequencies (Casts) over different platforms.

I've had a difficult time of it. Understanding the complexities of iTunes podcasting wasn't easy. I may be the master of a website but I'm no coder.  I write books, photograph things and do a bit of fishing. Web-bing is only a part-time thing.

I had to find out about Bit Rates, RSS Links and Link Submissions, Artwork Specs, Episodes versus Podcasts versus Series... and don't get me started on the ITunes cataloging. There is so much to know and find out to get it right!

But I have now found my way through mire! Let the fun begin!

What to say, what to say?

The podcasts will be split into different sections.

Part of it will speak to the neo-noir basis of my fiction, others will break away and move towards its sub-elements. Photography in fiction will be covered, so too sailing. Sex will have its feature. Kissing too.

There's nothing like a good pash-session to get the blood running, right?

Killing by kissing will most certainly be covered.

That's my style.That's my neo-noir fiction.


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