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03 August, 2018

Sex Before Marriage and The Devil's Work

Sex Before Marriage. It's The Devil's Work!

A.D. 1202:

Europe is coming out of it's darkness. The middle ages sees the fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of Rome, The Church.

It was a disorganized, brutal period but The Church held up a shining light for those who were lost and confused. The Holy See protected by it's loyal soldiers and promises of better times to the masses was bolstered by a well-financed war that lasted until it couldn't plunder anymore. Raids across the Middle East sent riches back to Rome, The Church, or what we now know as The Vatican.

The Crusades funded Christianity. The power of The Church rose quickly. It could buy anything and practically anyone. Those who couldn't be bought but dared to challenge its authority were eliminated. From this point forward, the rules on how Christians lived their lives began to harden, refined to a  point where The Church entered the bedrooms of it's believers.

According to The Church, God said to them that it was immoral to enjoy sex before marriage. Couples had to wait until they'd exchanged nuptials before getting down to business.

A conversation with the Almighty may have occurred in the way they claimed but there were strategic advantages in controlling the breeding habits of The Flock.

A.D. NOW-ish:

History shows that thirty nine Popes were married men!

Oh, they didn't mention that, did they?

Yes, for over a millennia Popes, Bishops, Cardinals, Priests and any clergy who had a desire to wed, could do so, no questions asked.

Sex was allowed too.

It wasn't an unholy act. It was allowed on any day, on every day if someone liked. Sex was never an issue in the earliest times of The Church. That became a topic of debate much later.

Control Sex, Control The Cash Flow

The no-sex-before-marriage rule meant that The Church could guarantee themselves a source of long term income when the The Crusades could not. As long as it told Christians when and who they could have sex with, they knew the children they'd bear would become church financiers later.

It was the only way to ensure a tithe from everyone involved. 'Go forth and populate,' The Church said to The People.

It sure did. It needed to.

Receiving a tenth of the income from every Christian who made promises to provide one is serious money, enough to keep their business afloat.

It explains why The Church doesn't believe in contraception - or the gay thing too. Both dis-empowers The Church. There are no financial futures in either equation.

And where's the money from couples who fuck freely before walking down the aisle?

The Church earns its keep by offering and receiving promises, not sex... but it certainly has an opinion about it. 

It can't burn disobedient non-believers anymore but it can instill similar fears. Shame and guilt are wonderful tools to shake-down any doubter. A scowling, disappointed God is good for business baby!

For me, any group of men who claim to be celibate are the last people who should be giving advice about sex.

Most of us know that much of the Clergy aren't celibate anyway. They're out there getting their rocks off just like anyone else. (Some go about it the wrong way though)

Why shouldn't they? It's natural.

There are those who hire hookers. I know of one Catholic Priest who carries two credit cards just in case he needs to stop being a Father for an hour or two.

I say good on him and those others who ignore this stupid rule - and the fearless citizens who ignore the no-sex-before-marriage one too.
Frankly, I think the end is nigh for the Roman Catholic Church. It's an out of date and irrelevant institution. People are leaving in droves and men aren't entering the Priesthood as they once were. 

If you feel they way I do about The Church, Christianity and  Catholicism, read my novel SEETHINGS and find out what happens to a young couple dealing with the no sex before marriage rule.

Take a look at its front cover. You'll notice a tiny cross on it. It's the smallest thing, yet it controls the entire narrative.

I hope you enjoy the wild journey that follows!

-Michael Forman (Author: Neo-noirotica)

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