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Friday, 3 August 2018

Sex Before Marriage and The Devil's Work

Sex Before Marriage. It's The Devil's Work!

AD 1202:

Every organisation needs money, right?

The Roman Catholic Church is well established and wants more in its coffers. 

Yes, you'd think that the The Crusades recently sanctioned by the Church would've brought in hefty bounties, enough to keep it happy for another thousand years but it still wants more.

The Church's long term plan is to draw from its followers and keep the booty for something else. It needs a commitment from every one of us to provide The Church with 10 percent of all earnings and a promise to marry one another (not to bring in outsiders), raise and recruit our children for The Church. This would ensure that it has a sustainable source of funds into the future.

What does this have to do with sex and celibacy?

Patience! I'm getting to it.

AD 2016:

History shows that thirty nine Popes were married. Yes, for over a millennia, The Roman Catholic Church allowed its Popes, Bishops, Cardinals, Priests and any clergy that had a pulse and a desire to wed, to do so, no questions asked. Sex was allowed. It wasn't an unholy act as it later came to be. It was allowed on any day, on every day if someone liked. Sex was never an issue in the earliest times of The Church. That became a topic of interest much later.

Control Sex, Control The Cash Flow

Sex was manoeuvred into place to secure long-term funds for The Roman Catholic Church. No sex before marriage meant that it could control you to have your babies when it knows your money is a sure thing and your children's future earnings are guaranteed too! When you've adhered to it's rules, given it some money and said the proper vows, that's the time to get down and dirty. Sex before marriage is the work of the devil... but it's not. It's clever deception.

This quickly explains the contraception issue that keeps coming up whenever there's a new Pope voted in - and the gay thing too. Both of these lifestyle models disempowers The Church. There are no children in those two equations. There's no money in couples who don't breed or can't breed at all. Contraception and Gay-dom isn't good for business. This type of sex is totally dysfunctional and unbankable. 

Morals don't come into it and never have. It all comes down to strict business. The fact is, sex and Church have no connection whatsoever. Sex is not an unholy act at all. Being celibate won't make a person cleaner. That's all a Furphy. It's said simply to attach shame and guilt to sex to control birthing rates and secure finances. That's business... and a plain nasty one!

For me, any group of men who claim to be celibate but promote abstinence for others are the last people who should be giving advice about sex. Most of us know by now that much of the Clergy aren't celibate at all. They're out there getting their rocks off just like anyone else. We hear about the worst ones of course - the paedophiles, but there are also the quieter gay's who are doing each other in silent secrecy. 

There are those who hire hookers too. I know of one Catholic Priest who carries two credit cards in his wallet just in case he needs to stop being a Father for an hour or two so that he can become a Mister. Affairs with parishioners aren't new either. That's why they keep moving the younger ones around.

There is no real celibacy in The Church. It's just a word dragged out on occasions to control the people when it suits. When the robes come off, Clergy are still human beings with human needs and wants.

I say good on those who break the rule and do what comes natural. It's even better if the person they choose do it with is a consulting adult and not someone inappropriate or vulnerable. It's time we wake up to the deception and lies of The Church when it comes to sex and what they want us to believe it means. It has no business being in the bedroom.

Frankly, I think the end is nigh for the Roman Catholic Church. It's an out of date and irrelevant institution that has totally lost the plot. People are leaving in droves and men aren't entering the Priesthood as they once were. 

Perhaps it'll do everyone a favour and close it's doors, cash-in all that booty it stole from it's neighbours and then turn it into something good for the world. A crusade of wealth distribution would be nice too but I'm not prepared to hold my breath and wait for that one.

-Michael Forman (Author: Neo-noirotica)